Sell Your Used or Retired Chief IT Assets and Electronics

CWI has been providing IT asset recovery and remarketing solutions for nearly 20 years. Along with our state-of-the-art inventory tracking system, CWI has over 30 dedicated employees, 50,000 square feet of warehouse space, and offices on both the East Coast and the West Coast.

Our mission is simple: To provide exceptional customer service while buying and selling quality IT assets and computing equipment. We buy and sell assets from Chief and more than two-dozen other IT manufacturers.

And because we’ve developed a proprietary asset tracking, configuration acquisition and reporting system that is well ahead of industry standards, we can provide detailed information on the status of your equipment within our system.

Maximize the Value of Your Retired Chief IT Assets

When it comes time to upgrade your used Chief computing hardware and IT equipment, the asset recovery and remarketing solutions from CWI deliver unmatched value to your organization. Our solutions turn used IT assets, such as used Chief equipment and other electronics, into cash. Our IT disposition services deliver a turnkey approach to managing the entire lifecycle of your equipment.

When the time comes for computer disposal, don't lose value on your Chief devices. Instead, recapture it with our unique IT asset recovery services. Because of our experience in asset recovery and remarketing for a wide variety of computers and devices, you can rest assured you’ll receive top dollar for your retired assets.

Buy Used Chief Hardware and IT Equipment with Confidence

Since 1994, we have built our reputation as a reputable reseller of quality refurbished computer hardware from Chief and other dozens of other trusted brands. We source directly from a corporate environment, thoroughly test, repair, and certify everything we sell — so our customers can buy with confidence.

Because we have such a strong platform for selling used Chief devices, CWI is an especially wise choice when trying to sell your equipment. The Chief products we sell go through rigorous testing by our certified technicians and must pass functional testing before being offered to you. Plus, all products are backed by a quality guarantee of 30 days for end users. This makes the experience of purchasing from our huge selection of quality-refurbished IT equipment easy, affordable, and readily accessible. 

Check out the CWIOutlet eBay Store, which includes over 2,000 products in over 60 product lines.

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About Chief

With its corporate headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Chief (a division of Milestone AV Technologies) is recognized around the world as a leader in the audio-visual industry. The company designs rack and mount solutions for TVs, projectors, data centers and more. Chief has distribution centers in California, Hong Kong and the Netherlands.