Enterprise Mobility Management is Big Business

mobile device managementFor a long time, the name “BlackBerry” called to mind images of the mobile devices busy people – including President Obama – used to organize their lives.

But over the past few years, BlackBerry has begun to try to reinvent itself, from a company that sells mobile devices to a company that provides enterprise mobility management services.

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is the practice of securing, monitoring, integrating and managing the smartphones, tablets and laptops used by a business, whether they’re employee-owned or provided by the company.

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The Lifecycle of Your IT Assets

IT asset managementImagine having to spend a quarter of a billion dollars to upgrade your technology.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics doesn’t have to imagine. They’re doing it.

According to Computerworld, the ABS will spend $250 million over the next five years to replace its aging IT systems, some of which are 30 years old.

Chances are the technology at your workplace doesn’t go back to the 1980s. And it’s probably a good bet you’re not spending $50 million a year to make computer upgrades.

But the point is that you’re spending money when you replace your IT assets.

You could simply recycle your old equipment, but IT asset recovery and remarketing companies like CWI can go a few steps further, finding a way to reuse your technology in a responsible way while also giving you the best value for your old devices.

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