Finding Cost Savings in IT Asset Management

IT asset managementAs IT spending increases, organizations are turning to IT asset management to cut costs. But not every organization knows just how to fully realize savings through ITAM.

Recently, the International Association of IT Asset Management listed four ways companies can find cost savings in IT asset management that will let you fully realize your potential to save.

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How Are You Erasing the Data on Your Mobile Devices?

mobile device managementMore and more people are using smartphones and tablets for their primary workplace computer, causing IT asset managers to take a closer look at their data destruction practices.

This phenomenon is something we’ve discussed on this blog before. Some offices have what’s known as a BYOD – “bring your own device,” while others tell their workers “Choose your own device” (CYOD), letting them pick from a list of preapproved devices.

It’s not something every company has embraced – in fact, some companies ban it. But if your company has a CYOD policy, it’s worth looking at some methods available to erase data from mobile devices.

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