3 (Important!) Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Used Computer

buy used computersThe decision to buy a used computer, or a set of them for your business, is a balancing act between value and performance. Properly vetted, a good used computer can save you substantial money and provide you with an appreciable life span of highly productive use. To really make it worth your while and investment, however, there are a few questions you should ask before making the leap.

1. Where did the computer come from?

Used computers come from virtually everyone and everywhere, with many varying degrees of treatment and overall quality. That’s why you should attempt to find used computers that lived their previous life in a corporate environment. They tend to be much better cared for, maintained regularly, and a more recent model, as corporate refresh cycles tend to be shorter.

2. What’s the warranty?

Anyone can sell a used computer, but few back up their product with a warranty. With a used computer, some kind of a warranty is mandatory. You’ll know pretty quickly if you’ve got a lemon. A 30 day warranty period is ample, and should be insisted on.

3. Has the computer been tested and audited by a certified technician?

It’s harder to take a computer on a thorough “test drive” as you would a car before purchase. There’s just too much to find out. A quality reseller will have a skilled computer technician take each piece of equipment through stringent testing to make sure it functions completely and properly. The computer’s condition should be graded on a report, and that report should be available for you to review before purchase.

Asking these three questions to your computer reseller will help assure you of a quality used computer that will more than return your investment.

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