4 Steps to IT Asset Management Success

IT asset managementWhy do IT asset management programs succeed?

Part of it has to do with having the right IT, but most of the success depends on the people running the program, and how much they communicate with their team.

Here are four steps to communicating your new IT asset management policies to your coworkers.

  1. Get their input

Survey employees about your ITAM program. It lets them know management needs and values their input, and will give them a sense of ownership when new policies go into effect.

  1. Spread the word

Once you’ve established new policies, it’s time to communicate them. Do this early and often, on a number of platforms: e-mails, company newsletters, dashboards, the company intranet, and employee handouts. No one should be able to say “You didn’t tell us about this.”

  1. What’s in it for me?

Changes at work can cause some grumbling, so let employees know how the new program will benefit them. This can be part of your communication efforts, or you can discuss it during an employee meeting.

  1. Provide ongoing training

When new policies go into place, be sure to provide regular education sessions to make sure everyone understands what they entail. And education includes educating yourself. You and the team that helped create the new policies should meet a few times a year to look at what’s working, and what isn’t.

Successful IT asset management involves knowing when to replace outdated devices. If you’re ready to retire your old equipment, contact CWI.

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And if you’re concerned about the security of your devices, know that CWI uses Department of Defense approved data wiping measures to make sure your equipment is clear of any sensitive information.

It’s your responsibility to manage your IT assets while they’re with your company. We’ll take good care of them when you’ve finished.

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