4 Tips to Better Handle Your IT Asset Management

IT asset management

Earlier this year, we offered you five tips for managing your organization’s IT assets.

At the time, we said that having an ITAM (IT asset management) plan allowed you to save money, increase your productivity and gain better access to information.

In this post, we’ll offer you four more ways to manage your IT assets, courtesy of Network World:

  1. Choose self-service

Network World says IT “can and should deliver an Amazon-like experience” for businesses, by offering a clear and simple portal for people to access and request items. Customers should be able to see how much something costs and get regular updates as a request is fulfilled.

  1. Marry ITAM with IT financial management

When you integrate ITAM with IT financial management, you can communicate costs on a steady basis through showback/chargeback invoices and use financial management to control demand and drive a cost-conscious culture.

  1. Make software audits less painful

If you’re not managing your software properly, you’re opening the door to added expense to your company, and facing a compliance risk. You should automate your software license management so that you don’t pay for software that isn’t being used. Automated software management can also help you avoid being fined for using software the organization hasn’t paid for.

  1. Track your consumables

In addition to keeping track of your IT assets, keep watch over things like keyboard, mice, toner and ink. These things can eat into your budget if you’re not keeping track. These items all follow a lifecycle that could be monitored by an ITAM system.

If your organization has devices at the “retirement” stage of their lifecycle and you’re wondering about your next step, contact CWI.

We work with businesses and government agencies to get them the best possible value for outdated, retired, or unwanted IT assets by selling through a network of well-established channels.

CWI has more than 20 years’ experience in helping companies take this important final step in managing their devices.


2 thoughts on “4 Tips to Better Handle Your IT Asset Management”

  1. IT Asset Management can hugely benefit software audits – which is one of the main reasons why I am hugely for IT Asset Management! Software audits can be detrimental to a businesses efficiency, ergo impacting their ROI, which is why IT asset management should always be taken into consideration! Great piece!

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