5 Reasons to Buy Refurbished Computers

Refurbished ComputersThe refurbished computer market can be an excellent choice if properly researched, and purchased from a high-quality company with a great track record. Here are five good reasons to consider going refurbished with your next IT equipment purchase:

1. You’re on a Budget

Of course! This is the big one. It’s estimated that you can save an average of 25% to 50% off the retail price when you go with refurbished computers. The savings can really add up, especially with larger purchases.

2. You Don’t Need the Latest and Greatest in Computers

Many businesses and applications don’t require the latest, cutting-edge technology or performance. If you don’t require graphics intensive uses, for instance, there is no need to be spending the money on the latest hardware when that is not where your business needs lie.

3. Refurbished Computers are Environmentally Responsible

Reusing is even better than recycling. There’s no need to dismantle a perfectly good computer that still has years of productive life remaining. It’s a good thing to do from both an economic and an environmental standpoint.

4. You’re Standardized Already

Your systems may very well be functioning wonderfully on a previous model, no longer being produced as new. Whether you’re happy and efficient on a different operating system, or are beholden to applications that no longer function on new models, it doesn’t always pay to have to upgrade all your software to match your new hardware. The expense and staff time can be appreciable, and you may very well be able to find the models that fit your software usage in the refurbished market.

5. A Refurbished Computer Can be Like New

Refurbishing can restore the computer to near new, with little to no noticeable difference in appearance or performance levels. A good refurbishing company will also guarantee their work with a warranty or quality guarantee.

CWI Has the Solutions (and Hardware!)

If you’re considering refurbished IT technology, contact CWI. For nearly 20 years we have been selling a great variety of quality, refurbished computer hardware sourced from corporate environments.

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  1. I like how you mentioned that if properly researched, the refurbished market can be an excellent choice. My wife and I are considering looking into an electronic recycling service because we’re thinking about donating our son’s PC since he doesn’t use it anymore after graduating high school. I think it’s a good idea to consider donating our electronics to a reputable company that can restore to the original working in order.

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