5 Tips For Successful IT Asset Management

IT asset managementThere are a number of advantages to planning out how you’ll manage your company’s IT assets. Having a plan allows you to save money, boost productivity and have better access to information.

Here are five tips you can follow, courtesy of Network World, to manage your IT assets successfully:

  1. Someone needs to be responsible

Every section of your company is affected by IT asset management (ITAM), so the person in charge of your program should be someone who’s adept at working with a diverse group of people, and has the backing of your leadership.

  1. Keep track of your assets

Make sure you’ve planned out what IT assets you need, track where they are, and then retire them when you don’t need them or they’ve become outdated. Sometimes using outmoded devices can cost you more than purchasing new ones.

  1. Centralize your information

The Network World piece calls this the “one source of truth,” a single, shared asset information warehouse to keep track of all your assets through their lifecycle.

  1. Be sure you can get reports and embrace automation

When setting up a tool for your ITAM program, be sure it’s one that can collect the metrics you need to calculate the performance of your processes. And rather than doing things manually, use automated discovery tools to crawl your network to keep track of assets.

  1. IT Asset management goes beyond the physical

Remember that virtual and cloud-based resources are part of your assets as well. They follow the same sort of lifecycle as your physical assets – plan, procure, deploy, manage and retire – and should be treated the same way.

If you’re wondering what to do when your company is ready to retire its devices, contact CWI.

CWI helps businesses and government organizations get the best possible value for retired, outdated or unwanted IT assets by selling through a network of well-established channels.

We can guide you through the final stage of the important process of managing your IT assets.



2 thoughts on “5 Tips For Successful IT Asset Management”

  1. I like your tip to keep track of your IT assets. It really does make a difference to keep track of what you have and where it is in its life cycle. I didn’t realize that using older devices could end up being more expensive than buying new ones. Thanks for all these great tips!

  2. I think that being able to find some good IT services for our home computer would be really helpful. I’m glad that you mentioned that IT services could help us keep track of our assets and then get rid of them when they’re outdated. I’ll have to see what tips we can get for IT services in our home and be sure that we end up with the right one! Thank you!

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