Are Your IT Assets Turning Into E-Waste?

Electronic wasteIn 2008, 60 Minutes traveled to southern China and promised to show viewers “one of the most toxic places on earth.”

It was a place, said correspondent Scott Pelley “where you can’t breathe the air or drink the water…where the blood of the children is laced with lead.”

How had the town of Guiyu gotten that way? Much of the blame lies with e-waste: old computers, cell phones and other electronic devices thrown away by Americans who thought they were recycling their technological assets.

Instead, these electronics were shipped to China, and then broken down for the valuable metals inside them, leaving toxic materials like mercury and lead behind.

And not much has changed since 2008. A recent report by Reuters found that Guiyu remains one of the largest — if not the largest — e-waste dump in the world.

Stories like this illustrate why it’s best to find an asset recovery solutions company with an environmentally responsible worldview. At CWI, most of the equipment we process can be resold and reused, which is the greenest way to dispose of old devices.

But sometimes reuse just isn’t feasible, whether due to age or condition. In situations like that, we find partners who follow industry best practices for computer recycling and disposal.

Our recycling partners need to follow a “no landfill” policy, as well as a “no export policy” to prevent materials from being shipped to places like the dump in Guiyu. We want partners who have certifications from programs such as e-Stewards, to provide accountability for all e-waste and computer recycling programs.

An IT asset management partner can ensure that you get the best value when disposing of your old computers, while also protecting the important and often sensitive data stored inside.

Disposing of your old technology with a company like CWI can benefit your business and the environment. You can upgrade your computers while knowing your old devices won’t end up featured in the next news story about the hazards of e-waste.

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