Be Sure to Disown your Old Devices

iStock_000047338034_SmallThe notion of being “disowned” isn’t a pleasant one, but the term takes on a different meaning when we talk about mobile devices.

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming part of the workspace thanks to the “bring your own device” movement, and companies have begun to adjust to this phenomenon by setting up what are known as mobile device management (MDM) programs.

An MDM program can help an organization – whether it’s a business, a school system or a government agency – integrate and keep track of its mobile devices, ensuring its technology is secure and functional as possible.

Apple makes this process easier with its Device Enrollment Program (DEP). But while the DEP can help you manage your devices and keeping them secure, it can cause problems if you’re looking to resell a mobile Apple device.

DEP registration could mean that your organization’s information will remain on the device, thus compromising your information and lowering the value of your device.

Disowning a mobile device is a crucial step to guard your network data.  If you sell your device without going through this process, you might be giving the new owners a glimpse into your secure networks and your personal information.

Here are three steps to take when you’re parting with a device.

  1. Perform a factory wipe or enterprise wipe.
  2. Remove the DEP. You do this by navigating in the console to “Devices”, then “Lifecycle,” then “Enrollment Status,” then “Management” and finally “Remove Profile.”
  3. Disown the device by navigating in the console to “Devices”, then “Lifecycle,” and then choosing “Enrollment Status.”  For every device, there will be an X icon under the actions label. This command disowns the device from the DEP, meaning it is no longer connected to your organization.

Before you prepare to resell your mobile device, be sure to disown it. You can visit Apple’s help page to find more information. All devices need to be disowned before CWI can work with them.

If you’re considering reselling your mobile devices but are worried about your data security, an IT asset recovery company like CWI can help. We can help find a new home for your old devices, while making sure your information stays secure.

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