Enterprise Mobility Management is Big Business

mobile device managementFor a long time, the name “BlackBerry” called to mind images of the mobile devices busy people – including President Obama – used to organize their lives.

But over the past few years, BlackBerry has begun to try to reinvent itself, from a company that sells mobile devices to a company that provides enterprise mobility management services.

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is the practice of securing, monitoring, integrating and managing the smartphones, tablets and laptops used by a business, whether they’re employee-owned or provided by the company.

EMM includes a few subcategories like mobile device management (which focuses on securing devices) mobile application management (determining which users can access which applications) and mobile information management (permitting only approved applications to transmit/access company data).

To help strengthen their place in the EMM world, BlackBerry spent $425 million in September to acquire the mobile security firm Good Technology, which has 6,300 customers, including more than half of the companies on the Fortune 100.

If your organization is in the process of making that switch, it’s important to think about the value of your old technology, whether they’re mobile devices or traditional desktops. You’ll also want to work with a reseller who can effectively unlock your used devices before the resale, making them both safer and more valuable.

Let CWI be that reseller. We have a proven track record of providing IT asset management solutions to schools, businesses and government organizations. We’ll make sure all the sensitive data on your devices is gone before reselling, giving you both the best value possible for your old technology, and the peace of mind that your information is secure.

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