Finding Cost Savings in IT Asset Management

IT asset managementAs IT spending increases, organizations are turning to IT asset management to cut costs. But not every organization knows just how to fully realize savings through ITAM.

Recently, the International Association of IT Asset Management listed four ways companies can find cost savings in IT asset management that will let you fully realize your potential to save.

  1. IT sourcing and procurement

Organizations can save money by using a software-as-a-service model, or using cloud services for IT sourcing and procurement. Cloud automation can free valuable resources and give staff time to focus on other duties.

  1. Management and modernization

By setting up a software and hardware asset management program, businesses can see between eight percent and 15 percent in annual savings on a managed asset. They can also save through data center modernization, and by the simple act of curbing PC power consumption. Shut off devices during non-business hours, and you’ll see significant savings with each asset.

  1. Software use and technical debt

What software are your employees using and not using? The average value of unused software per employee is $224. If your organization employs a few hundred people, that adds up. Your organization can also find savings by discontinuing maintenance on unused devices and upgrading legacy applications with old/heavily customized operating systems.

  1. Upgrade your ITAM program

Without an effective ITAM program, your company faces more spending and more inefficiencies. An updated ITAM program can help you track and maintain your hardware and software, sustain security efforts and manage vendors and contracts, and cut costs by up to half.

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