How Mobile Device Management and IT Asset Management Fit Together

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IT asset management. Mobile device management.

Two different terms, but it’s important not to think of them as two different things.

Rather, think of mobile device management as a type of ITAM, the same way astronomy or geology are types of science.

And mobile device management is itself already party of a larger practice known as enterprise mobility management (EMM), which deals with the securing, monitoring, integrating and managing the smartphones, tablets and laptops used by a business, whether they’re employee-owned or provided by the company.

Inside the world of EMM, mobile device management is joined by mobile application management (determining which users can use which applications) and mobile information management (determining which applications can transmit and access organizational data).

Mobile devices are assets and should be treated as such. They need the same monitoring and maintenance, yet present an even greater challenge than something like a desktop: they get moved around, and they can get lost.

It’s all a relatively new concept, with IT managers facing new questions:

  • How do we physically manage these devices?
  • How do we manage the applications being installed?
  • How do we oversee data usage? Can we cap it if necessary?
  • Can our existing ITAM tool also work for mobile devices?

As organizations answer these questions, they also need to look to the future. The workplace of 2020 or 2030 might be one where desktops and laptops are outdated, and “IT asset management” refers solely to mobile devices.

Organizations should recognize that mobile devices are important as any other asset and need to be managed through their life cycle. They should have plans in place before mobile devices become the dominant devices in their office.

And as you replace your devices, be sure to use a computer reseller who can keep your data secure and give you the best value for your IT Assets.

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