How to Get the Most Value from Your Used Computer Assets

sell IT assets As a company or an individual, your challenges are similar when it comes to getting rid of unwanted used computer assets.

Whether monitors, hard drives, laptops, desktops, printers, or servers, you want to find the best way to get rid of your unwanted assets while protecting your sensitive personal data, minimizing negative environmental impact, and maximizing ROI.

There are 3 common routes to take when disposing of used computer assets:

Donation – While noble, donating computer equipment can be much more complex that it may seem. Many organizations are quite particular about the type of equipment they’ll accept, there can be paperwork involved, and you must contend with data privacy and security issues.

Recycle – While better than simply tossing into the landfill, recycling is still second-based to re-using computer equipment. Only when an asset has completely lost its value or is down to a very minimal level does recycling make sense. And even then, recycling must be handled with caution and according to strict EPA regulations.

Remarketing – The best option for most organizations, in particular, is remarketing. With remarketing, a qualified company will clean the equipment and clear its data, refurbish, and resell through an appropriate channel. The resulting profits are shared with you. Or, if you handle the remarketing efforts yourself, you keep the entire profit.

Clearly, each of these avenues presents its own challenges and benefits. Still, computer remarketing handled by the right partner presents the most advantageous approach.

Here’s Why Computer Equipment Remarketing is Ideal:

Computer equipment remarketing allows you to recoup the value remaining in your used equipment by reselling it on the open market. You can leave all the details to an experienced computer remarketing company that will handle all of the details necessary to wipe the data from your computer, make any worthwhile repairs, and sell assets on your behalf. You benefit by removing the hassle of preparing and selling your equipment; harmful contaminants are kept out of the landfill; and you receive a solid ROI in return.
Count on CWI for Used Computer Asset Remarketing:

At CWI, remarketing is where we’ve made our name. We maximize the sales proceeds of your used IT assets by selling through the deep and well-established channels we have tirelessly created. Because we refurbish used equipment in ways that bring out its highest value, our buyers trust CWI-remarketed equipment and you can be sure to receive the highest possible value in return.

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