How to Turn Your Company’s Used PC Computers Into Cash

sell IT assets So, you’ve got a pile of used PC computers to contend with? Or maybe you’re planning a big company-wide upgrade that will leave you with computers to spare?

Before you think about disposing of or recycling those old computers, consider the value of remarketing. With remarketing, you can maximize the value of your used PC computers and put cash back into your pocket.

The key to turning your company’s used PC computers into cash is to work with a professional and reputable computer recycling company. The right partner will work with you each step of the way, from removing your old computers, performing a complete inventory, cleaning out sensitive data, executing refurbishments to raise the value of your assets, and remarketing the assets through well-established channels.

When you choose the right remarketing partner, you can remove the headaches that come with reselling or retiring used PC computers. Your partner will take the assets off your hands and return cash into your pocket so you can go on with the business of your business.

So, what should you look for in a remarketing company for your used PC computers?

There are 3 essential qualities of a reputable remarketing provider:

Well established sales channels: Look at it this way – if buyers of used computers trust and respect the company that will be selling your computers, there is probably good reason. Check out the sellers’ reviews on Ebay or wherever their stores are located. Find out how much volume they sell on a monthly basis. Ask yourself if you would you buy a computer from the provider.

Track record: A poor provider will not be in the business for long. Find out how many years your prospective partner has been in business, how many customers they have, and try to speak to some of their customers to learn more.

Inventory system: Managing the workflow involved in inventorying, refurbishing, selling, and paying back profits to customers is a tall order that the most reputable companies will have down pat. Take a peek behind the scenes at your prospective partner’s technology and the systems they have in place to assure your assets will remain accounted for from the time they leave your building to the time payment is received.

Before you take the next step, learn more about our remarketing services or talk to us about your needs.

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