Is BYOD Here to Stay?

BYODWe’ve written before about the “bring your own device trend” in the workplace, but a recent survey seems to suggest that the BYOD movement may be on the decline.

The survey, conducted by the nonprofit trade group CompTIA, found that the number of companies banning BYOD policies has grown by nearly 20 percent over the past two years, from 34 percent in 2013 to 53 percent in 2015.

“It’s not quite the death of BYOD, but there does seem to be a decrease in the use of BYOD in enterprises,” said Tim Herbert, CompTIA’s vice president for research and marketing intelligence, speaking in an interview with ComputerWorld.

CompTIA’s study also found that discussions about mobile device management (MDM) within companies has leveled off. In some cases, organizations that never had an in-house device usage policy have begun to train workers on what uses are acceptable for their tablets and smartphones, thus reducing security risks.

Those uses could include limiting which websites can be visited on work devices and restricting use of cameras on smartphones.

“MDM is probably not at the adoption level some would have expected a few years back,” Herbert told ComputerWorld. “Some of the reason may be that companies have focused on getting the mobile usage basics right and now may have a security policy that covers mobility. It was odd that for years many companies simply didn’t have a formal policy for mobile uses.”

Whether your organization has a BYOD/CYOD policy, or if you’ve never bought into the trend, you might be preparing to get rid of some of your older IT assets.

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