Is Your Workplace Haunted by Ghost Assets?

ghost assetsThe term “ghost assets” almost sounds like something out of a spy movie: There’s an agent that’s gone off the grid, their motives and allegiances in the shadows.

In fact, the term refers to something far more pedestrian: computers and other IT devices your organization owns, but no longer uses. They take up space, power and resources.

But like the fictional agent in the spy movie, ghost assets pose a threat. First off, they’re a security risk. These devices can often contain sensitive data. If they’re still connected to the internet, important information can be out in the open.

They’re also costing you money, whether that’s in terms of your electric bill, or the man-hours needed to maintain your used IT assets.

Rather than keeping them around, considering disposing of them, with the help of an IT asset management company like CWI.

We use a proprietary asset tracking, configuration, acquisition and reporting system that goes far beyond the standards of the industry.

And when you contract with CWI, we’ll work with you to try to ensure you get money back when you replace used IT assets. We offer three different pricing models:

  1. Direct purchase. This involves using current and historic market data to gauge the value of your assets. We then make deductions based on any defects we’ve found. We recommend this model for customers looking for a quicker sale.
  2. Consignment. With this model, CWI offers the seller a 70/30 split, with the seller agreeing to take the larger share. After CWI and the seller settle on this arrangement, we will let buyers bid on the assets, allowing the market to determine the sale price.
  3. Combination. The third option is a combination of direct purchase and consignment.


 Contact us today, and we’ll help you bring your ghost assets in from the cold.

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