IT Remarketing is a Solid Solution

IT remarketingAs much as companies talk about “going green,” e-waste remains a serious global problem.

We generate enough electronic waste – 41.8 million metric tons — to fill a line of tractor trailers spanning half the planet.

It’s a two-pronged problem: companies use more electronics than ever before, and those devices are coming with shorter and shorter lifespans.

And while most companies that get rid of their old IT assets do so to reduce clutter, it’s important to remember that those devices have value.

That’s where IT remarketing comes in. You may not need your devices anymore, but there are others who still might find value in them.

But before you choose an IT remarketing company for your old devices, make sure you’re working with a vendor who will keep your data secure, while also safely recycling what they can’t resell.

Look for someone who will:

  • Erase your data from old devices, as well as any other sort of identifying information.
  • Securely destroy or recycle any devices without market value.
  • Assign a fair market value to your IT assets.
  • Promises to never incinerate e-waste or send it to a landfill, either here in the U.S. or overseas.
  • Offers clear documentation so that you can see every step of your device’s journey, from the time you hand it over to final processing.

CWI can help you if you work for a business, school or government office that want to upgrade its IT assets and dispose of unwanted devices in a secure, environmentally safe manner.

Much of what we take in can be reused, which is the most environmentally safe method of disposing of IT assets. In situations where we can’t resell a device, we work with organizations that adhere to environmental best practices for electronic recycling.

As for security, we work with WhiteCanyon software, a leader in the industry of disk sanitation. Every device we process goes through a data erasure standard approved by the U.S. Department of Defense, so you can rest assured your information stays secure.

Contact us today and we’ll find a way to take your old devices out of your hands, while also making sure they stay out of a landfill.

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