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Finding Cost Savings in IT Asset Management

IT asset managementAs IT spending increases, organizations are turning to IT asset management to cut costs. But not every organization knows just how to fully realize savings through ITAM.

Recently, the International Association of IT Asset Management listed four ways companies can find cost savings in IT asset management that will let you fully realize your potential to save.

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Where Are Your IT Assets Ending Up?

ewaste2A recent report by the European Union found that only about a third of Europe’s e-waste is being disposed of properly.

“The rest wound up in landfills and black market sales and exports, which can lead to economic, environmental and health problems,” Newsweek said. “Proper disposal methods for e-waste exist, but many European consumers and companies don’t use them.”

This isn’t just Europe’s problem. A study by the United Nations released earlier this year found that the United States had the dubious honor of being the world’s biggest e-waste dumpers, discarding 7.1 million tons of e-waste.

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