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Tips for Buying Quality Used Computers and IT Equipment

quality used computersWhile most businesses need computers to handle their day-to-day operations, not every business needs brand-new state-of-the-art computers.

As TechSoup points out, a used or refurbished computer will likely be fine for tasks like word processing, e-mailing and web browsing.

“Used and refurbished computers are usually much less expensive than new computers,” the non-profit writes. “They’re also a greener option, since you’re extending the life of an old computer, rather than buying a new one.”

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ELFA’s Report: Equipment Finance in the IT/Computer Sector

IT equipmentWhat does the IT equipment financing market look like these days? That was one of the things the Equipment Leasing Finance Association set out to learn in its annual Survey of Equipment Finance Activity in late 2015.

The ELFA is a trade group that represents companies in the trillion-dollar equipment finance sector. Each year, they track how spending changes in various sectors, such as agriculture, medical and IT.

One of the things this year’ survey found: IT and related tech financing accounts for one of the largest pieces of new business volume: a little over 19 percent, second only to transportation, which accounted for 28 percent of new business volume.

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