Time to Upgrade Corporate Devices?

TypingWhether your company has a few dozen mobile devices or a few hundred, one thing remains the same: those devices will eventually need to be replaced.

Do you have a plan for replacing them?

It’s important to hold your mobile devices to the same standard as other IT assets when disposing of them. They contain sensitive company and employee information, which means you need to perform a factory reset – or otherwise purge that data – or risk a pretty big vulnerability.

It’s the responsibility of your company’s mobile device asset manager to make sure those devices are clean when they leave your property.

If you’re ready to resell or replace your used mobile devices, CWI‘s IT asset recovery solutions can help you. While we don’t handle disowning devices from their digital enrollment plan, we do make sure that whatever device you get rid of is disposed of in an environmentally responsible fashion.

Most of the equipment we process can be reused, and reuse is the most environmentally safe way to dispose of unwanted IT assets. But in rare cases, we get a piece of equipment that can’t be reused due to its age or condition.

In those cases, CWI works only with other companies that take steps to follow environmental best practices and adhere to industry standards for electronic recycling.

That means having the same standards we do: We keep old devices out of landfills, and we refuse to ship old devices to developing countries for disposal. The partners we seek need to have R2 and e-Stewards certifications, which means they’ll be safe and accountable when disposing of old devices.

Once you’ve made sure your devices are secure – disconnecting them from the mobile device management plan – we can make sure we get you the best value for your used IT assets, whether you have a few dozen or a few hundred.

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