Tips for Buying Quality Used Computers and IT Equipment

quality used computersWhile most businesses need computers to handle their day-to-day operations, not every business needs brand-new state-of-the-art computers.

As TechSoup points out, a used or refurbished computer will likely be fine for tasks like word processing, e-mailing and web browsing.

“Used and refurbished computers are usually much less expensive than new computers,” the non-profit writes. “They’re also a greener option, since you’re extending the life of an old computer, rather than buying a new one.”

What do we mean when we say a refurbished computer? This is an older computer that has been updated and examined by professionals experienced with quality used computers and IT equipment. Refurbished computers will usually come with some sort of warranty.

TechSoup lists some things to consider when buying refurbished computers:

  • You should check the refurbisher’s fail and return rates.
  • Find out what software and peripherals are included with the computer. For example, it is unlikely a refurbished computer will come with a monitor.
  • Don’t expect to get the same sort of warranty you’d get with a new machine. A three-month warranty for a refurbished computer is standard, and should cover out of the box problems, TechSoup says.

When buying a computer that is used but hasn’t been refurbished – or accepting a donation – make sure someone with computer expertise does an inspection before you accept it. While a cheap – or free – computer might sound like a good idea, taking in one that’s in poor condition can cost you more in the long run.

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