What is Mobile Device Management?



These terms are likely part of your lexicon if you’re in charge of technology where you work. If not, they will be soon.

MDM is “mobile device management,” while BYOD stands for “bring your own device,” and the two concepts are intertwined.

BYOD means what it sounds like. A company lets employees work using their own mobile devices, typically laptops, tablets or smartphones.

MDM is the practice of administering those devices, or company-owned mobile devices. It lets a company or organization secure, monitor, integrate and manage its mobile devices. The idea is to make sure that devices are as secure and functional as possible, while also protecting your network.

It’s also important to think about the value of your used mobile devices, and the importance of finding a re-seller who’s equipped to manage them when your organization wants to sell its assets.

Let’s say a school district has several hundred iPads, and plans to replace them with the newest generation. Part of the iPad’s security system is something called the Device Enrollment Program (DEP), basically an automatic MDM plan.

The DEP is good for managing devices and keeping them secure, but can cause problems when it comes time to re-sell an iPad.

Although a used iPad may have been scrubbed and reset, DEP registration could mean that the previous owner’s information will show up, meaning that you’re at the risk of having your data compromised.

Apple’s help page has a more in depth guide on how to disown devices from the DEP.

If you’re ready to resell or replace your used mobile devices, CWI ‘s IT asset recovery solutions can help you once you’ve disowned your devices from Apple’s DEP.

It’s your job to disconnect your devices from any past MDM management plan. It’s our job to make sure you not only get the best price for your used assets, but also ensure that their new owners have no access to your important information.

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