What Users Want from Smartphones

Digital displays surrounding us from everywhereWhat do consumers want from the smartphone industry?

Fewer smartphones.

That’s according to a recent survey from Greenpeace, which found that more than half the respondents think manufacturers are releasing too many phone models. Brands like Apple and Samsung typically introduce new versions of their flagship phones each year.

Instead, people want smartphones that are easier to repair or at the very least recycle. And consumers in each of the six countries involved in the survey say it’s important that phone-makers put out products that aren’t made with hazardous chemicals.

We mention this survey because it comes at a time when IT asset managers are facing more and more challenges when dealing with mobile device management. As the IT Asset Knowledge Database put it recently, those challenges include mobile life-cycle management, parts availability and data erasure.

Global smartphone sales for the first quarter of 2016 nearly reached 350 million units. That means more and more phones are making their way to offices thanks to CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) policies.

These policies “raise the question of favoring employee device preference and in-house data erasure,” ITAKD writes. “Creating a secure CYOD policy means remaining flexible towards employee preference, as more consumers align themselves between Android and Apple. The move towards CYOD policies also opens the door to discussion towards on-site data erasure. As more enterprises move towards using smartphones as their primary computing devices, on-site data erasure will become an attractive option for data security, similar to traditional IT equipment.”

As the mobile market grows and more and more companies set up CYOD and BYOD (bring your own device) policies, the need to replace older IT assets will grow.

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