What You Need to Know about Apple’s Device Enrollment Programs

IT asset recoveryIf you see someone using a mobile device at your workplace, it most likely came from Apple.

iPhones and iPads account for nearly all of the smartphones and tablets used in the corporate world.

To make managing all of these devices easier, Apple created its Device Enrollment Program (DEP), designed to help qualifying businesses, K-12 schools, colleges and universities configure and deploy devices running on iOS and OS X.

But another key function of the DEP is that it works as a mobile device management (MDM) solution, allowing your organization to send out app updates, security upgrades and content. It also allows organizations to easily wipe the devices and give them to new owners.

However, there are some situations where the DEP may not work for every device. You might have employees who have brought a tablet or a smartphone from home but use them for work. DEP registration could mean that your organization’s information will remain on the device, thus compromising your information.

It’s important to make sure you disown any Apple device – company or employee owned – from the DEP in the event that it’s no longer connected to your organization. Having that information stored on a device will not only lower its resale value, it will compromise your company’s data security.

Be sure to visit Apple’s help site for more information on how to disown your device. All devices need to be disowned before CWI can work with them.

Are you in the 64 percent of companies that has a plan in place for organizing its mobile devices? If so, you’re probably also looking ahead to the time when you’ll need to replace those devices.

If you’re considering reselling your mobile IT assets, but are worried about keeping the information on them secure, an IT asset recovery company like CWI can help.

We can’t disown your device for you. But we will work to get you the best value possible for your old devices – whether they’re tablets, smartphones, or desktop and laptop computers – while ensuring the data on them stays protected.


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