Why Your Unused IT Assets Still Have So Much Value

Electronics RecyclingLet’s say you work as an IT manager for a large corporation—or maybe a government office or a school—that’s replacing nearly all its IT assets with newer and faster technology: new PC towers and monitors for every desk; new tablets and smartphones for every employee.

Without a doubt, that’s the sort of expenditure that doesn’t come cheap. But what if there was a way to recoup some of the costs involved with the large scale replacement of IT equipment?

As it happens, there is. And a process known as IT asset recovery is where it all begins.

It asset recovery is a complicated term for a relatively simple process. The bottom line is that most computing equipment replaced by organizations today still has significant market value. That’s why simply disposing of old IT hardware just doesn’t make sense.

And from a financial point of view, allowing it to gather dust in a storage closet is almost worse: If your company’s unused and outdated equipment needs to be stored at a specific temperature or humidity level to prevent deterioration, for instance, you’re essentially wasting money around the clock. Ouch.

Interested in trading with the best in the business?

Those of us here at CWI have been in the IT asset recovery business for nearly 20 years. We know from first-hand experience that selling used IT assets such as computers, tablets, printers, and scanners can do much more than create a surplus of storage space. It also turns the equipment your organization can’t use into the currency it desperately needs to pay for new hardware. Yes, it’s a cliché, but that’s what we call a win-win.

Here’s how it works:

So you’ve got computer equipment or other IT assets your company is no longer using, and you want to find the very best IT remarketing partner to help you turn that old hardware into cash. Makes sense. It also makes sense that the industry expertise and extensive background of our bicoastal team gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to providing you with quick offers for your used or new IT, networking, storage, or telecom equipment.

And what if your unused equipment was manufactured by a small or slightly obscure company? There’s still a chance we may be able to use it: We purchase assets from all twelve of the major IT hardware companies.

Here are just a few of the ways we’re able to help:

  • We respond to requests for quotes within 24 hours.
  • We make payments quickly, and can generally turns your assets into cash within 10 days.
  • We purchase both small and large quantities of all IT equipment.
  • We cover your shipping/freight costs, and all logistics expenses, without restrictions.

CWI is a full service buyer and seller of both new and used IT equipment. We recover and remarket equipment that includes networking, storage and telecom items such as Cisco routers, switches, wireless IP phones, and GBICs. We also regularly deal with wireless LAN controllers, routers, switches, servers and storage devices. Again, we deal in items from all 12 of the major IT corporations.

Our “SMART” IT asset intake process is unlike anything else in the industry

Here’s something your IT management team will be relieved to learn: Our asset intake and tracking process is wholly unique in the industry. In fact, it’s well ahead of industry standards. That’s because we’ve developed our own proprietary asset tracking and reporting system that integrates all CWI workflows into one single integrated solution.

We call it “SMART”. And when it comes to configuring your assets, destroying your hardware’s data, auditing your units, and then accurately pricing your retired equipment, it’s the quickest and most streamlined process we’ve seen.

What does that mean for you? For starters, it means that when you request a quote, you’ll hear back from us quickly—generally between two hours and one business day. The equipment we purchase is always tested within 10 business days.

We’re not just trustworthy, in other words. We also offer an IT asset recovery process that’s simple, safe and secure.

CWI Also Sells Cost-Effective IT Equipment

Naturally, our company doesn’t only recover used IT assets. For nearly two decades, we’ve also been known as a reputable reseller of quality refurbished computer hardware. So if your company is looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade its current IT system, you might want to consider looking into our huge selection of quality-refurbished IT equipment.

Smaller organizations should browse over to our retail site, CWIOutlet.com, where more than 2,000 items in over 60 product lines are on offer. Also worth a visit is our CWI 1 eBay store, featuring extensive descriptions of products that are especially hard to find.

And thanks to the strength of our innovative asset intake and tracking system, SMART, you can remain confident in the knowledge that the refurbished IT assets purchased from CWI will come to you in full working order, just like new.

3 More Facts about CWI’s Used IT Assets

• Services and support are both available: Reputable suppliers stand by their products. That’s just good business, right? Here at CWI, we offer a suite of asset management services to our clients, including a technical support service center that’s staffed 24-7 by our team of engineers.

• You’ll never see counterfeit equipment: CWI obsessively monitors its documents, its procedures and its standard inspection processes with a state-of-the-art testing facility and a comprehensive technical library. That’s just one reason we can guarantee complete authenticity of all the IT assets we sell.

• We take environmental stewardship seriously: From time to time, we recover IT assets that don’t manage to maintain their fair market value. It’s a very rare occurrence, but when it happens, we partner with computer recycling and disposal partners who adhere to the highest environmental standards. We never export equipment to developing nations, and nothing ever ends up in a landfill. Period.

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