Reselling Financial Services Company Computers

Here's an important question: What do you plan on doing with all your old computer hardware? Will you put it in storage and forget it? Will you recycle it or otherwise dispose of it?

What if we told you that the computing hardware your financial services company once relied on daily still has value, no matter how old or outdated it may seem? You can recover that value with the help of the IT asset remarketing services provided by CWI.

CWI Helps Financial Services Companies Sell Used IT Assets

Since 1994, CWI has been helping financial companies like yours to reclaim the value of their used IT assets and computing equipment with ease and security. You may be tempted to either recycle or dispose of computer hardware once it has reached the end of its useful lifecycle. But there’s a problem with both of those options: They can be needlessly costly and environmentally harmful.

Our computer remarketing solutions can let your financial services company sell its unused and retired computers through established channels of buyers who are looking specifically for the types of equipment you may currently be putting to waste.

Selling Your Company's Old Computers is Financially and Ecologically Responsible

If your financial services company is tightening its belt at the moment and watching its bottom line carefully, it's probably worth bearing in mind that you may be sitting on IT assets your company isn’t even aware of. If your company has recently upgraded any of its computers or other IT equipment, or if it’s in the process of doing so, reselling your old hardware could prove to be just the financial boost your team needs.

We almost always find a market for the used computing equipment we purchase from financial services companies and other institutions, although customers are paid either way. But in the rare event that we can't to resell your computers, we only partner with licensed, green-friendly IT recyclers. That means your machines won't end up in a landfill, nor will they be exported to developing countries.

The Data on Your Financial Services Company's Computers Will Remain Secure

Because our IT asset recovery intake program uses Department of Defense grade data-wiping technology, we’re can give our computer remarketing customers state-of-the-art data erasure. Our partnership with WhiteCanyon, a leading provider of security software, lets us securely and permanently erase data from clients’ hard drives.

In other words, the sensitive files and documents stored on your computers are out of reach to hackers and data thieves. And the proprietary asset intake and tracking system we’ve developed -- one which is well ahead of industry standards -- lets us offer you a complete report of your computing equipment. Our reporting process begins the moment your assets arrive at our facility, and doesn’t end until their final disposition.   

Safety. Data security. In-depth documentation. And of course, financial compensation for computers your company is no longer using. Is there any reason not to sell your old computer hardware to trusted IT remarketing solutions firm like CWI?

To learn more about the process of maximizing the value of your retiring assets, schedule a time to speak with us. We’d love the opportunity to answer any questions you may have about computer remarketing.

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