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Since 1994, we have built our reputation as a reputable reseller of quality refurbished computer hardware. We source directly from a corporate environment, thoroughly test, repair, and certify everything we sell -- so you can buy with confidence. Plus, you’re guaranteed affordable pricing on all of the products we sell, making CWI a wise choice.

Everything we do is designed to make buying with CWI an experience you’ll want to repeat time and time again.

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The products we sell go through rigorous testing by our certified technicians and must pass functional testing before being offered to you. Plus, all products are backed by a quality guarantee of 30 days for end users. We use a proprietary internal grading system to assess and grade the condition of our equipment and have a certified technician that audits and tests each piece of equipment. These results are reported directly to you so you’ll be able to buy with the confidence of knowing the condition reported about our products is true and reliable.

Purchasing from our huge selection of quality-refurbished IT equipment is easy, affordable, and readily accessible through our own CWI Outlets and other top-quality resellers. Browse over 2000 products in over 60 product lines.

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Also note the CWI eBay stores:

CWIOUTLET eBay Store includes over 2000 products in over 60 product lines and will allow you to search all the products that are available for purchase.

CWI 1 eBay store features a limited number of hard to find products with extensive photographs and descriptions.

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