Data Security and Destruction

CWI Data Destruction ServicesData security and privacy are taken seriously at CWI. We have partnered with WhiteCanyon Software, a leading provider of advanced disk sanitization products, to create a customized version of their enterprise data destruction software that interfaces seamlessly with our SMART system. Our extensive data security measures ensure that your secure and private data from all drives on all devices is completely purged or destroyed. Download the WhiteCanyon Case Study to learn more>

Every Drive, Every Time

All hard drives, solid state drives (SSD’s), RAID configurations, Apple IOS devices (iPhone, iPad), etc. are put through the Department of Defense military data erasure standard DoD 5220.22-M which involves a 3 pass process over each type of media. Information regarding the type and number of media and the results of the DoD wipe are associated with the assets Asset Tag and stored in our SQL Server database.


Physical Destruction as a Backup

Any media which fails the process is pulled and physically destroyed with pictures taken. We can provide detailed reports and a certificate of data destruction for assets processed.

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