Download the White Canyon Case Study

Data security and privacy are taken very seriously at CWI. When CWI set out to solve the problem of destroying and deleting data from hundreds of computers at one time, they knew it would not be an easy task. This informative case study provides detailed information about data security. It also explains the solution CWI found to provide clients comfort, and the knowledge that any equipment sold to CWI would be treated with the highest industry standards and certifications for data erasure.

Why Download Our Case Study?

  • Learn how CWI works with the software security company White Canyon to uphold the highest standards in data security.
  • Gain insight into the data destruction process and its importance in protecting your company data.
  • Find out why White Canyon’s wipe drive is used by the U.S government, the Department of Defense, Fortune 100 companies, and most importantly, why CWI trusts it to secure your data.