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Maximize the Value of Your IT Assets

When it comes time to upgrade your used computers and equipment, IT asset recovery and remarketing solutions from CWI deliver unmatched value to your organization. Our solutions turn used IT assets, such as used computers and other electronics,  into cash. Our IT disposition services deliver a turnkey approach to managing the entire lifecycle of your equipment. Then the time comes for computer disposal, don't lose value on your e-waste, recapture it with our unique IT asset recovery services.

Our industry-leading services and competitive pricing models, along with a custom built SMART system, lead the industry in asset tracking and inventory reconciliation. And with more than 15 years of experience in asset recovery and remarketing for a wide variety of IT assets, you can rest assured you’ll receive top dollar for your retired assets.



IT Asset Recovery and Remarketing: What Does it Mean?

When your company's IT assets have reached the end of their useful lifeycle, the time was come to consider the disposition of the IT resources. Often, when organizations are done with computers or other IT assets, the temptation is to recycle or dispose of them. The trouble is both of these options can be needlessly costly to your organization. The costs to recycle or dispose of used electronic assets or other ewaste are both monetarily and environmentally wasteful. With IT asset recovery and remarketing, you are able to realize the full value of your IT equipment by selling these assets through established channels of buyers who are looking specifically for the types of equipment you may currently be putting to waste.

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How Do We Do It?

We maximize the sales proceeds of your used IT assets by selling through the deep and well-established channels we’ve worked hard to build through our reputation as a trusted vendor of quality, used equipment. In other words, people and organizations pay more for used computers, electronics, or other IT assets purchased from CWI because we refurbish used equipment in order to bring out the highest value. So when you sell your used electronic assets through our channels, you can be sure to receive the highest possible value in return. Additionally, we ensure complete hard drive destruction and secure data destruction, meaning that your used IT assets contain no personal or sensitive organizational data.

So don’t just recycle or dispose of your IT assets; let us provide you with the service and experience you need to maximize the return on your IT dollars.

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