Lot of 15 – Avaya 700505424 GIGABIT IP PHONE


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Lot of 15 – Avaya 700505424 GIGABIT IP PHONE

Thank you for considering this lot sale opportunity.  All items are tested by our in-house technicians for functionality.  Refer to the table below for complete specifications and defects.  The pricing is negotiable and we invite you to reach out to our wholesale team to discuss details.

Please feel free to contact Steve at 908-269-7492 for more details about these specific items.

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7005054249608G16N523007CF3GIGABIT IP PHONEA$7.84
7005054249608G16N523007D0NGIGABIT IP PHONEA$7.84
7005054249608G16N523007D25GIGABIT IP PHONEA$7.84
7005054249608G16N523007D4TGIGABIT IP PHONEA$7.84
7005054249608G16N523007D95GIGABIT IP PHONEA$7.84
7005054249608G16N523007D9HGIGABIT IP PHONEA$7.84
7005054249608G16N523007DGMGIGABIT IP PHONEA$7.84
7005054249608G16N523007DJKGIGABIT IP PHONEA$7.84
7005054249608G17WZ315003T6GIGABIT IP PHONEA$7.84
7005054249608G17WZ315003TWGIGABIT IP PHONEA$7.84
7005054249608G17WZ315003Y5GIGABIT IP PHONEA$7.84
7005054249608G17WZ315005R6GIGABIT IP PHONEA$7.84
7005054249608G17WZ5250051TGIGABIT IP PHONEA$7.84
7005054249608G17WZ52500539GIGABIT IP PHONEA$7.84
7005054249608G17WZ5250054MGIGABIT IP PHONEA$7.84

Scroll to the last column to see DEFECTS & PRICE →

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