Our Mission

Our mission is to be the preferred provider of remarketing and deployment services in the US, recommended for our intentional methodologies, outstanding reputation, and persistent pursuit of best practice.

Why Partner with CWI?

Our team is highly recommended for completing IT asset audits, secure data destruction, and remarketing services while supporting the greatest number of hardware types and manufacturers. We are:

Corporations and educational institutions often refresh their computer technology before it becomes obsolete; the assets have remaining value. CWI recovers the value of millions of these IT assets in the US by selling equipment to the highest paying customers around the world.
Built on trust, CWI’s customers know our detailed audits are accurate and well documented. We guarantee privacy by meeting national certified data destruction standards, and we provide opportunities for buying and selling refurbished IT equipment.
For over 25 years, CWI has diligently fine-tuned our process to identify, recover, and remarket millions of IT assets. Our professional team of experts focuses on the specific needs of our customers to develop the most profitable and timely solutions.
Outstanding customer satisfaction is a critical component of our mission. Our customers hire and recommend us. Our success is attributed to emphasizing continuous improvements in our processes, implemented directly from customer feedback.
We are committed to winning your business and cultivating a long-term relationship. By using a systematic methodology with the utmost transparency, our vendors and buyers can conduct business with us in confidence.


Conveniently located in four regions of the US, we make it easy to conduct business with us. Let’s connect and discuss how we can help you meet your goals and your bottom line.

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