Intake & Tracking (SMART)


CWI has developed a proprietary asset tracking, configuration acquisition, and reporting system that is well ahead of industry standards.

Named “SMART”, our system integrates all our business practices and workflows into a single solution, allowing us to manage and report on your assets from the moment they arrive at our facility through their final disposition.

Asset Tracking from Arrival to Departure

  • A receipt of arrival is created at the dock
  • Asset Tags are assigned to immediately begin tracking
  • Units tracked until their end at CWI
  • Sold? Deployed? Recycled? All tracked

Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Daily routines managed through worklists in SMART
  • Every task
  • Every department

Wipe and Audit

  • Asset digitally wiped
  • Asset specifications retrieved programmatically
  • Units reviewed by technicians and audited
  • Defects recorded and pictures taken where appropriate


  • SMART matches data sent to identify expected units have arrived
  • Report matched, missing, and extra units received
  • Enables you to know when your lessee returns equipment


  • All units mapped to locations represented in SMART
  • Any movement of assets is tracked
  • Manage inventory across all facilities


  • Current and previous price records analyzed
  • Direct Purchase or Consignment model to maximize return
  • Regression Analysis and historical values optimize our forecasts of your assets’ value

Reports, Reports, Reports

  • CWI tells you what you want to know
  • Audit status, asset specs, pricing details, etc.
  • Automated reporting when your assets arrive
  • Automated reporting of what’s for sale
  • You name it, we report it. Accurately.


  • WipeDrive feeds device specifications and asset data is securely destroyed
  • SMART integrates with CWI’s Horizon system to track shipment scheduling and shipping costs
  • You! Your data feed supports Reconciliation

Vendor Relationship and Management

  • Portal to view inventory including historic information
  • Portal to view defect images to aid the vendor interaction with their customer

Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer data and interests managed by our Sales Team in SMART
  • Allows customers to sign up for automated reports of CWI’s available inventory
  • Inventory is exposed to potential buyers worldwide daily

Online Presence

  • Our online storefront is always up-to-date with latest pricing and items at CWI
  • Listings are generated and maintained on eBay for extra visibility and competition from buyers.


  • SMART interfaces with our accounting system to guarantee price tracking
  • CWI provides payment reconciliation down to the penny