Sell Used IT Assets and Electronics from Polycom

For more than 20 years, CWI has been an industry leader in the field of computer remarketing and asset recovery solutions With 30 expertly-trained employees spread across offices on the East and West coasts, we maintain our equipment in over 50,000 square feet of warehouse space.

We maintain a simple mission:  To provide exceptional customer service while buying and selling quality used IT assets and computing equipment. We buy and sell assets from Polycom and more than two-dozen other IT manufacturers.

Our IT asset recovery intake program includes a proprietary asset tracking, configuration acquisition and reporting system that enables CWI to provide detailed information on the status of your equipment within our system.

Capitalize on the Value of Your Retired Polycom IT Assets

Hardware and IT asset equipment upgrades are a constant necessity for businesses, and computer remarketing solutions from CWI deliver unmatched value to your organization. Our solutions turn used IT assets that are ready for retirement, such as used Polycom equipment and other electronics, into cash. 

When disposing of your assets, including your Polycom devices, it's vital that you retain value of  your equipment.  Instead of losing value, recapture it with our unique and trusted IT remarketing services. Because of our experience with a wide variety of computers and devices, you can augment the acquisition of your new equipment using your retired equipment as a financial base. 

Buy Used Polycom Hardware and IT Equipment with Confidence

We source our equipment directly from a corporate environment, and put it through a number of tests before it is worthy of our certification.  This is how we've established our reputation in the computer remarketing world as a reseller of high-quality refurbished computer hardware and other assets from Polycom and other dozens of other trusted brands. In this way, our customers can make every purchase with confidence.

Because we have such a strong platform for selling used IT assets from Polycom, CWI is an especially wise choice when trying to sell your equipment. We are able to apply a 30-day guarantee to all of the products we sell by first putting them through a rigorous testing process, which is overseen by our certified technicians.  This makes the experience of purchasing from our huge selection of quality-refurbished IT equipment easy, affordable, and readily accessible. 

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About Polycom

Polycom specializes in the development of video, voice and content collaboration and communication technologies.  They aim to provide an optimized audio and video experience for their users through their wide range of products, which include speakerphones, teleconferencing devices, desktop phones, and telepresence solutions.