Charles Magyar

Charles joined CWI in 2014 as a technician and was quickly promoted to a software development position three years later. Obtaining a Master’s degree and contributing years of experience to CWI, Charles was promoted again in 2022 as CWI’s Full Stack Developer. While maintaining, planning, and developing custom solutions, Charles is determined to understand the needs of both his coworkers and CWI’s customers. Outside of CWI, you’ll find him still sitting at his computer “being a nerd.” Charles earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Stony Brook University and a Master’s degree from Stevens Institute for Technology.

Rich Oswald

Rich came to CWI in 2006, developing and maintaining proprietary systems and interfaces used daily by employees in all departments. He brought a wealth of experience from his roles as a Project Manager at leading equipment financing companies, including CIT Group, CIT Financial, AT&T Credit Corporation, Nomura Global Finance. Rich has developed Cash Management and Customer Service Support systems, inception (put-on) and renewal (take-off) systems, asset tracking systems, and tax compliance systems. All projects focused on equipment acquisition, servicing, renewals, retirement, inventory management, and tax reporting. Rich earned an Associate of Science degree in Electro-Mechanical Technology from Union County College and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Monmouth College

Anthony Prestia

Anthony, CWI’s Director of IT, has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry working for multi-location companies in the Retail, Wholesale, and Architectural Design fields. Anthony earned an Associate of Applied Science degree and a Computer Technical Support Degree from Chubb Institute. He worked at Rockaway Bedding as an IT Manager and then the Director of IT. Following Rockaway Bedding, Anthony worked for the North American division of Hermès as the Manager of Information Services and Associate Director of IT. Anthony’s career led him to work for the New York office of HOK Architects. As their Regional IT Manager, he was responsible for managing HOK’s 9 locations on the East Coast. Anthony is always looking at ways to increase productivity, profitability, and growth. He helped meet company goals at CWI by bringing in WipeDrive as our audit and erasure platform. Making this change increased our ability to process equipment in a more timely and secure way.